Interview with 91-year-old Briton just vaccinated against Covid-19 goes viral (VIDEO)

91-year-old Martin Kenyon was vaccinated against the coronavirus on Tuesday. Living in the UK, he was indeed one of the first people to receive the vaccine. On his release from the hospital, he was then accosted by a CNN journalist, all cheerful to question him about his feelings. But the least that we can say is that Martin Kenyon remained very down to earth, showing no particular rejoicing about his vaccination.

When the American journalist asked him how he had come to be vaccinated, Martin Kenyon explained that he had made a call to the London hospital, that he had to answer “not very interesting” questions and that ‘he then got a date. “They told me to come at 12:30 pm. But obviously, I couldn’t find a place to park my car, so I arrived late”, said the old man, detailing his entry into the establishment and specifying that ‘he had had “a bad meal”.

More enthusiastic than his interlocutor, the journalist asked him what it was like to be one of the first people vaccinated against the coronavirus in the country. A question which provoked a burst of laughter from Martin Kenyon, who obviously did not find it so extraordinary. So he just replied that he hoped not to contract the coronavirus: “I don’t intend to have it because I have granddaughters and I want to live long and enjoy their life”. “There’s no point in dying now when I’ve lived so long, is it?” He added, before showing on camera, at the request of the CNN reporter, the map. attesting to his vaccination, an object “not very exciting” according to Martin Kenyon.

The entire interview lasts more than four minutes, and the gap between the excitement of the American journalist, who finds it all “incredible”, and the very British attitude of the old man has been widely commented on on Twitter. Viewed nearly five million times in less than 24 hours, the video has been re-shared thousands of times.

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