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The illusion seems to have been short-lived. A few days ago the rumor was jumping that the mythical Spider-Man that we saw in the animated series of the 90s was going to appear in the sequel to the animated film of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2”. The information pointed to Christopher barnes, the actor in charge of voicing Spider-Man in the original version in the animated series of the 90s, was in “final negotiations” with the producers to participate in the film.

The news is dismantled, or at least that is what they want us to think, and also, for the first time, multiple fronts. On one side, the producer John Semper Jr., writer and producer of that 90’s series, contacted directly with Barnes’ wife and she denied the information that she had approached him to offer to return to this iconic version of the character. Semper, who came to echo the news at the time, has made a post on Facebook clarifying everything:

Chris’s wife told me today that this is absolutely FALSE. Chris has not been contacted by Sony / Marvel to reprise his role as 90s Spiderman, which means that the Spiderman from my series will NOT be in this next movie. So spread the word. The rumor is FALSE.

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On another front Barnes himself has denied the news in a video on Instagram, ensuring that there is no truth in the information. He acknowledges that he would love for them to be true, but the rumors are not true:

I wanted to address a rumor that I am involved or, in negotiations to get involved, with the next spider-man movie. I wish it were true. This would be super cool. Unfortunately, it is not true at all. There is no truth in those rumors.

Interestingly, the guys from That Hashtag Show, who were wanting to give the rumor exclusively, reaffirm their information, and even draw attention to what Barnes said stating that he refers to the “next Spider-Man movie”, and that It’s “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, not the animated sequel to “Into de Spider-Verse.”

In short, on the one hand, people directly affected or close affirm that there is no truth in the rumors, but on the other, the source of the rumor is reaffirmed.

Recall that the rumor indicated that this Spider-Man from the 90s would have a small appearance, to see him in some scenes and then at the end of the film.

Via information | That Hashtag Show

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