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The studio has found the solution and players can get them at no additional cost.

Hitman 3

The last video game of IO Interactive, Hitman 3, was released a month ago and has been a success for studyas it was the best digital launch of the franchise and it became profitable in a week. Of course, the exit of the game had a controversial part, since at first PC players had to pay to have the Hitman 2 scenarios in the game.

At last, PC players can have all the content of the series in Hitman 3 at no additional costAs you know, the problem came because the game is temporary exclusive from Epic Games Store, where Hitman 2 is not. This game is on Steam and was being something complicated import the scenarios from that game to the new one. A few days ago, IO Interactive already commented that it was very close to finding a solution to the problem and that players could take their content from Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 to Hitman 3 early.

Well then, that day has come. At last, PC players will be able to have all the content of the saga in Hitman 3 Without aditional costs, thanks to the solution that the study has found. What the players will have to do is enter the web enabled for it and follow the three steps that the studio has devised to carry out the process, which according to IO Interactive it is simple.

Hitman 2 in Hitman 3 in three steps

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What players have to do is enter that portal and start the import process by entering with your IO Interactive account. “After logging into your IOI account, you will need to link platform account in which it owns Hitman 2 and the account of the platform where it owns Hitman 3 to its IOI account, “the study insisted, which wants to be very clear on how to carry out the transfer.

The study has recommended checking all the options well because the changes cannot be undoneThe study has also recommended that gamers check well all your options, because they cannot be undone the changes. Additionally, players will get the Access Pass DLC respective, which are what actually gives access to the content in Hitman 3 (you will not have to enter any code). Finally, the study recommends doing the process in a browser on computers, since in mobile it can give problems.

If the video game has caught you and you want more of him, we must remember that IOI already commented that content would continue to arrive during this month of February. What’s more, the studio intends to continue introducing new DLC in the future even though they are working on Project 007. If you are curious about the game and do you want to know more, you can recall our analysis.

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