iOS 14 allows hiding photos much better than iOS 13

iOS 13 already allows you to hide images from Photos so that they do not appear in any album or on the camera roll. However, this function is completely exposed, since all the “hidden” photos are stored in an album with the name “Hidden”, certainly nothing discreet if what we want is for our images to be hidden.

To the rescue of this clumsy feature has come iOS 14, which It has considerably improved the modus operandi when hiding photos on our iPhone. Keep reading and we will tell you how it works.

How does iOS 14 improve the way I hide photos?

Although the way to hide photos is the same as in iOS 13, what has improved a lot is the result of this. For those unfamiliar with this function, we can hide an image by opening it on the reel and clicking on the share button, followed by we just have to slide down and click on Hide and our photo will “disappear.”

We say “will disappear” in quotation marks because obviously it does not disappear, but the iPhone archives it in an album called Hidden and what now, thanks to iOS 14 it’s finally truly hidden. This album is hidden by default so that it cannot be accessed if we do not activate it previously.

How to hide photos iOS 14 on iPhone and iPad

The first thing to know is how to activate and deactivate this album, and for this it is as simple as going to Settings-> Photos-> Hidden Album, and check if toogle is active or not. If it is, it means that the “Hidden” album will be visible in the Photos app, if not then it will be hidden.

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From here the process is the same as from iOS 13, we open an image, press the share button and look for the option Hide. It will depend on us how we want to hide the images, if we choose that the “Hidden” album is always in view this function is a bit absurd, however if we choose that it is hidden, our images will be safe until we decide to show the album again from Settings.