iPhone 11 survives submerged for a week in a lake and goes viral for how it got there

The story we are sharing with you today should not be tried to be replicated at home, even in less extreme aquatic conditions. And it is that something as curious as striking has just happened: someone submerged their iPhone 11 for just over a week at the bottom of a lake, then in the end he was able to recover his phone and to everyone’s surprise it was working.

It was the month of September 2019 when Tim Cook and all the people at Apple finally introduced us to the successor to the popular iPhone XR, a model that made a deep mark among users and that heralded a major change in the aesthetic line of this family.

In the end, that didn’t exactly happen, since we haven’t seen many variations in terms of the appearance of the front face and the rear camera module since then.

But the presentation of the iPhone 11 did attract attention due to the emphasis on the integration of its IP68 certification that guaranteed resistance to water and dust.

4 years have elapsed since the moment of the presentation practically and it was until this moment that we witnessed, perhaps, the most extreme test ever conceived for this terminal. Where a human life was also saved.

How an iPhone 11 survived at the bottom of a lake

According to a report from friends of Balloona few weeks ago in the state of Brasilia, Brazil, the young student Breno Rafael was kayaking on Lake Paranoa when he saw a woman who was drowning.

The lady did not have a life jacket and everything became a life or death situation where quick thinking was the key difference. Rafael did not hesitate and rushed to save the girl, but when he took her to the shore safe and sound from her, the boy realized that he had lost her iPhone 11 in her rescue.

The most interesting thing happened a week later, when the instructor Edinho Rocha ended up locating the iPhone 11 deep in the lake at a depth of 7 meters.

Rocha recorded a video on social networks to try to find the owner and the thing went viral that ended up being reported by local media:

The iPhone 11 was functional although it spent just over a week deep and ended up returning to its owner who lost it at the time to save a life.