Iran: nuclear physicist killed by satellite-controlled machine gun

A “sophisticated camera and artificial intelligence” was used to precisely target the scientist.

UA satellite-controlled machine gun with the assistance of “artificial intelligence” was used to assassinate an Iranian nuclear physicist at the end of November, the deputy commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Guards told local media on Sunday.

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, killed on November 27 in an explosive and firearm attack, was traveling on a highway with a security team of eleven Revolutionary Guards when the machine gun “zoomed in” on his face and fired thirteen bullets, said Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, quoted by the Mehr news agency.

” Artificial intelligence ”

The automatic weapon, perched on a pickup, “simply focused on the face of martyr Fakhrizadeh in such a way that his wife, who was only ten inches away, was not hit by a bullet. “, he added.

This device was “controlled by internet” via satellite and it used a “sophisticated camera and artificial intelligence” to find its target, continued Mr. Fadavi, adding that the scientist’s security chief was shot four times “when he threw himself “on him to protect him. “No terrorist was on the scene,” he noted.

Several versions

The Iranian authorities have accused Israel and the People’s Mojahedin, an opposition group banned in Iran, of being responsible for the assassination.

Several versions of the scientist’s death have been given after the attack. Defense Minister Amir Hatami initially indicated that he was the victim of an explosive attack with a shooting while the Fars news agency, without citing any sources, claimed a few days later that A “remote-controlled automatic machine gun” mounted on a pick-up had been used.

After his death, Mr. Hatami introduced him as his deputy minister and head of the Defense Research and Innovation Organization (Sepand, acronym in Persian). He “managed the atomic defense,” he said.

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