Iran raises the atomic pulse after the coup in Natanz enriching uranium to 60%



Updated on Tuesday, April 13, 2021 – 18:03

It supposes an increase of more than 40% with respect to the previous limit

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Starting Wednesday tomorrow Tehern will raise the purity of its uranium well above the bar set to date. It is its manifest response to the blackout suffered by its nuclear facilities in Natanz last Saturday, but also a way of putting pressure on the US in negotiations that the Iranian government has not renounced, despite the internal voices that are demanding it these days. . In addition, the Iranians have announced the installation of a thousand new centrifuges advanced.

It was the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister, Abbas Araqchi, who, upon landing in Vienna, announced the increase in the purity of enriched uranium by 60% -more even than on the eve of the signing of the 2015 nuclear agreement-. In the words of the Iranian agency ISNA, Araqchi also explained that instead of the centrifuges damaged by the attack on the electricity supply centers, attributed to Israel, a thousand new centrifuges will be installed with a 50% more enrichment capacity.

Foreign Affairs has informed the International Atomic Energy Agency of the new enrichment conditions. 60% suppose an increase of more than 40% with respect to the previous limit. They are still far from the 90% demanded by a nuclear weapon but it is even further away from the 3.67% that limited the atomic agreement. The digital Amwaj assures, based on its own sources, that the Iranians have decided to enrich a “small amount” to 60%, which reinforces the idea that they seek to press the dialogue table.

The events of the last few days, coupled with Tehern’s criticism of Western signatories for not condemning what happened in Natanz, add obstacles and tension to the negotiating table. In addition, the Vienna appointment – which will begin a day late due to a positive case of COVID-19 in a European delegation – will be held in the shadow of the sanctions that the EU imposed on eight members of the Iranian security forces on Monday for their role in the brutal response to the 2019 riots.

“Mr. Rohani, leave the negotiations under the shadow of the assassinations,” an editorial from the digital Tasnim, close to the influential Revolutionary Guard, demanded of the President. “The United States expresses its good intentions in the negotiations, but is a partner of the Zionists in terrorist attacks. Therefore, the wisest and perhaps the least that could be done is to abandon the negotiations taking place in Vienna, “the article continued.

Iran is minimizing the material impact of the Natanz nuclear incident, which took place shortly after the hull of an Iranian ship in the Red Sea exploded, also attributed to Israel. Its president, Benjamin Netanyahu, insisted on Monday that “we will never allow Iran to gain nuclear capability to carry out his genocidal goal of eliminating Israel “. Most analysts recall that this was the objective of the atomic pact, whose negotiations are hampered by these attacks.

New attack on an israel ship

The regional give-and-take, turned into a kind of naval battle between Israelis and Iraqis, apparently a new episode. According to the Israeli channel Channel 12, an Iranian projectile has hit the Israeli-owned vehicle transport ship Hyperion Ray near the United Arab Emirates. The same means ensures that the ship has not suffered severe damage. There has been no official confirmation of the event.

The first round of indirect dialogue between the US and Iran last week ended without a clear understanding, but with positive feelings. The Iranians stood firm in their demand that Washington lift the more than 1,200 sanctions imposed by the former president Donald trump, and they can verify that this is the case, as a condition for reversing all their nuclear measures, including the uranium enrichment processes; The United States proposes a more staggered transition.

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