Iran ready to revert to its nuclear commitments at any time: “It’s just a question of will”

The Islamic Republic concluded in Vienna in 2015 a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (PAGC, JCPOA in English) with the 5 + 1 group (China, United States, France, Great Britain, Russia and Germany) by which it accepts drastically curb its nuclear activities in exchange for easing international sanctions targeting it.

But this pact has threatened to be shattered since US President Donald Trump pulled his country out of it in May 2018, before restoring sanctions that plunged the Islamic Republic into a deep recession.

In response, Iran withdrew from May 2019 from most of its key commitments made in Vienna.

“At any time, as soon as the 5 + 1 or the 4 + 1 (ie without the United States, Editor’s note) will return to all their commitments, we will also return to all the commitments we have made”, declared Mr. Rohani during a televised address in the Council of Ministers.

“I have already said: it does not take time, it is just a question of will,” added the Iranian president.

Despite criticism from Iranian ultraconservatives, Rohani reiterated his desire to diplomatically exit the crisis caused by the United States’ exit from the Vienna agreement, saying he was resolved not to miss the “opportunity” that represents the change of president due to take place in January in Washington.

In the hands of the conservatives since the legislative elections in February (marked by a record abstention), the Iranian Parliament adopted on December 2 – against the advice of the government – a law which, if applied, would run the risk of dismissing the Iranian nuclear issue. before the UN Security Council, which would complete the killing of this suspended agreement.

It is up to Mr. Rohani to promulgate this law, validated by the Council of Guardians of the Constitution, but the president once again hinted on Wednesday that he did not intend to sign this text.

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