Iraq: rocket fire launched in the direction of the United States embassy in Baghdad – .

The attack in the Green Zone, an area of ​​the Iraqi capital that houses state institutions and diplomatic representations, is the third against Western interests in Iraq in a week.

Iraqi National Security headquarters hit

The United States embassy in Baghdad was the target of rocket fire on Monday (February 22nd) which fell just nearby. At least two rockets landed in the Green Zone housing state institutions and diplomatic representations, according to a statement from the Iraqi security services. The Iraqi National Security headquarters, located near the American diplomatic mission, was hit and several cars were damaged. The international coalition led by the United States, which supports theIraq in the fight against the Islamic State (IS) group, was mobilized on a base close to the American embassy. “There was no casualty or damage” on the base, said a spokesperson for the coalition on the Franceinfo.

An unclaimed attack

Other rockets landed in residential areas around the Green Zone, an ultra-secure neighborhood. According to a witness who requested anonymity, a parking lot was damaged. This attack was not immediately claimed, but the Iraqi army claims to have located the site of their launch in a district in the north of Baghdad. US and Iraqi officials accuse pro-Iran groups of being responsible. The United States would accuse Iran of being responsible “of the actions of his associates who attack Americans” in Iraq.

A new attack

This attack is the third against western interests in Iraq In a week. On Saturday, the Balad air base, north of Baghdad, was targeted by rockets. At least, an Iraqi employee of an American company in charge of the maintenance of the aircraft was injured. On February 15, a military base accommodating foreign troops in Erbil airport was hit by a volley of rockets. On the same day, more rockets were launched into the northwest of the town of Erbil, including residential areas.

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