Iraq: the American embassy targeted by rockets

At least two rockets fell in the Green Zone, which also houses state institutions and other diplomatic representations, according to a statement from the Iraqi security services.

A security source told . that at least one rocket hit the National Security headquarters, located near the American diplomatic mission.

Others crashed into residential areas around this ultra-secure neighborhood. A parking lot in the Harithiya neighborhood was hit, a witness told ..

A rocket salute struck on February 15 a military base welcoming foreign troops in the airport of Erbil, capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, according to the coalition led by the United States which has been helping Iraq since 2014 to fight the jihadist group Islamic State (IS).

A foreign civilian contractor working with the anti-jihadist coalition was killed and nine people were injured.

Numerous rockets also hit the entire northwest of the town of Erbil, including residential areas, where they injured five civilians, one of whom died of his injuries on Monday.

It was the first such attack in nearly two months against Western military or diplomatic facilities in Iraq, after dozens of similar incidents last year attributed to pro-Iran Shiite groups.

On Saturday, rockets targeted Balad air base north of Baghdad, where Iraqi forces are stocking F-16 planes, injuring at least one Iraqi employee of a US company in charge of aircraft maintenance, sources said. of security.

Erbil’s attack was claimed by a little-known group calling themselves Awliyaa al-Dam or “Guardians of Blood”. The group said in an online statement that it would continue to target US forces in Iraq.

Several Western countries condemned the rocket attacks, warning that attacks against the coalition would “not be tolerated”. The UN has warned that Iraq could plunge again into instability.

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