Iron Man x Batman, thus creating an Artificial Intelligence the definitive fusion of both superheroes

Billionaires behind a mask or armor, the similarities between Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne are many. They are the men who embody Iron Man and Batman, classic Marvel and DC superheroes. Today we will be able to see them united, become one, and all thanks to the magic of Artificial Intelligence.

Midjourney and Paul Parsons do it again: the designer used the Artificial Intelligence program to merge both figures.

The result is extraordinary, without a doubt.

Batman is the older of the two characters. Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, it was launched by Detective Comics (the original name of DC) in 1939: the bat man has an enormous combat capacity, in addition to the possibility of using various gadgets.

Iron Man was born several years later, in 1963, thanks to the creativity of Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Don Heck and Jack Kirby. In this case, the billionaire built iron armor that allows him to fly, punch hard, and launch missiles, among other things.

What originates from the mixture of the two? We see it thanks to the Midjourney Artificial Intelligence.

This is what Iron Man x Batman looks like, thanks to Artificial Intelligence Midjourney

Let’s remember that midjourney is an independent research laboratory, whose Artificial Intelligence program bears the same name.

Like others of its kind, speaking of Dall-e (OpenAI) and Stable Diffusion, Midjourney generates images from textual descriptions entered by users.

Paul Parsons is an expert in the use of Midjourney, and on his Instagram account, With more than 130,000 followers, it shows works that not only focus on comic book characters, but also on shoes that follow the style of DC, Marvel, Star Wars, series and movies, and soccer players.

In the case of Iron Man x Batman, the post already has more than 17,000 likes. There are several images: Batman in armor, Iron Man with horns and other variants.

It’s really spectacular.

Which of the options offered by Midjourney Artificial Intelligence and Paul Parsons is your favorite?

Iron Man x Batman

Iron Man x Batman

Iron Man x Batman

Iron Man x Batman