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As I have spent four years defending the policies of Trump, I feel concerned to say a few things modestly about his tragic end. To say something about the telluric episode that occurred last week with the assault on the Capitol, where the United States Congress meets, and which is the seat of popular sovereignty of the first democratic country and the most exemplary on the planet. It was a bad idea that Trump encouraged his supporters to gather in the middle of the vote to confirm Biden as president-elect. Because, although this call was not intended in any case to incite violence, especially by those who have always run before their voters and the whole of America as a supporter of law and order, you never know with certainty how the hordes will react however much you call them to calm down after having fueled them with too much fuel.

The hordes were summoned a few months ago by Black Lives Matter -a radical and even racist movement, but one of ‘good racism’ – on the occasion of the vile death of George Floyd and they held the main cities of the country, including Washington, in check for several days with widespread fires and looting, as well as mobilizing the National Guard for several days, with a final death toll higher than that caused by the mindless mob of followers of Trump, which has died in hours despite the enormously symbolic and destructive value of his onslaught.

But of course, those demonstrations did not disturb the ‘anti-Trumpist’ coalition too much, nor did they break its immoral double yardstick.

I am not part of that dishonest coalition, of course. That is why I will say that the assault on the Capitol seems like everything unacceptable. That Trump instigated it without wishing or foreseeing what was going to happen, more. It was an act of tremendous irresponsibility, and its results have been catastrophic. But you, who have followed me for some time to date, will not think that I will join the pack of mass media that have taken advantage of the infamous spectacle and join their spurious interests.

I still have a certain sense of honor. I can still look in the mirror without too much embarrassment. Although my situation is not buoyant, I am not yet ready to throw in the towel and adhere to the general unscrupulous inquisition that reaches every corner. To the dictatorship of the politically correct or, in other words, to the progressive or social democratic consensus.

You will not think for a second that I broadcast here the outbursts against Trump spilled on the first Spanish television network, on Telecinco, on La Sexta and in the rest of the Spanish media, including the conservatives, for whom what happened in Washington is a kind of world conflagration -which wipes out any rational consideration of Trump’s enormous achievements-, unfortunately destined to pave the way for what awaits us from the astral conjunction of all planetary progress once his main enemy is evicted.

Because this is the case. Trump has been the main enemy of international progress, the one who has most fought the dictatorship of the politically correct, the one who has fought with courage against the progressive consensus and the one who has been on . of undermining it if he had accompanied him, to his gifts of visionary and contradictory, the precise point of wisdom to face the terrible crisis of the coronavirus accompanied by the wise advice of his advisers. Because, listen to you, Mr. Trump has obtained 74 million votes in the most contested election in decades, and his victory would have been final and colossal if he had had the wisdom to react more intelligently to the contagion of the Chinese virus. Yes! Of the Chinese virus !, as he says with all the cause of the world.

America first was the slogan with which Trump sanctioned his inauguration. I don’t think the desire they harbor in Europe is very different Macron or Angela Merkel about their respective countries – I’m not talking about Sánchez because he doesn’t count and he is an intellectual homeless. It was also proposed to revitalize the America that the founders of the country built, and that has been forging in a nation that does not want to be Europe, that does not want to be socialist, that is a deeply individualistic country as well as fraternal and community. This entire legacy is what Obama had committed and the one that was momentarily abated with Trump’s victory.

But after all, that victory has been Pyrrhic. Four years are too few years to straighten out a country dissolved by the cultural battle that Obama gave wings to. The Trump presidency has been in question and has been delegitimized from the first moment of his inauguration by all the artillery of the progressive media and the addicted forces cheered by the Democrats. Trump has not had a moment of calm. It has been years of taking a ride on the Russian plot that supposedly helped him reach the White House without being able to prove anything. He was subjected to a fortunately unsuccessful impeachment.

In short, the forces of evil have done everything possible to break his presidency to the end, and they have only succeeded after elections full of irregularities that unfortunately could not be proven, but of which there are multiple indications. If Trump had kept a little of his instinct natural and his intelligence He should have thrown in the towel once his lawsuits over the elections he had every right to were thrown out.
Despite it all, his incomprehensible stubbornness, and the catastrophic effects of his stubbornness for a reference-starved Western world, Trump’s legacy is as positive as it is immense.

Before the pandemic took place, its policy of lowering taxes, its commitment to deregulation, its complicity with the private sector, its interest in energy self-sufficiency – to the point that the United States is already an oil exporter and the first world producer – boosted the economy unprecedented growth rates. If Wall Street, which has always detested him for being vulgar, continues to break records, it is largely thanks to its policies.

Trump managed not only to lower the unemployment rate to the lowest levels in history, but to increase the real wage of the marginalized, of people with less qualifications, of minorities – who have never suffered less unemployment. This has been possible, among other things, due to their fight against illegal immigration, which is the one that ultimately competes with those who have the proper papers and with citizens in a more precarious situation and with less outstanding skills. Trump, the one who does not support the world left or the meek conservatives, persuaded by his lethal message and unable to raise his voice, has been the president who has done the most against inequality in the recent history of the United States.

His international policy has been simply apotheosis. It has dramatically changed the tone of the discourse on China, a dictatorship that not only does not respect human rights, but is dedicated to systematically stealing the intellectual property of others, and that plays in free trade with the marked cards, impeding progress of those investments in your country that do not seem to suit your interests. A power destined to be dominant with the acquiescence of the declining West that Trump has wanted to shake for four years, and a threat that even Biden’s Democrats no longer discuss.

What the outgoing tacky president of the United States has done in the Middle East deserves a separate chapter. Not only has it ended the permanent threat of the terrorist regime in Iran, putting an end to Obama’s shameful agreement, but it has, thank God, ruined with the Palestinian cause, of which all common sense people were so fed up, as well as the Arab countries themselves to the point of beginning to recognize and sign agreements with Israel. This is a simply unspeakable achievement, which apparently does not interest the international progress that is still tied around its neck those horrible Palestinian scarves promoted by the genocide Arafat nor to the conservative Spanish newspapers absorbed with the great mistake of Trump, who seems to have been too keen.

Well, Trump is leaving, unfortunately in the worst possible way, something that he has sought for himself, trapped by his arrogance and lack of insight, mistakes without which the Republicans could have kept the Senate with the votes of Georgia . There is no longer any arrangement. And what do we have left? A new president, Mr. Joe Biden, who has a brain like mashed peas, accompanied by a vice president Kamala Harris, who is at heart a radical leftist, supporter of free abortion and an accomplice of all the cultural banners of international progressivism.

The politically correct press around the world, that of Spain, and even the most distinguished conservative newspapers of our country, say that with the departure of Trump a nightmare vanishes. I think another one is coming, much more dangerous. Another in which the arbiters of democracy will ironically be its enemies, here the Sánchez and Iglesias, the promoters of the new domestic totalitarianism. The Chinese in the rest of the world, with minor consorts from failed states like Russia or sad Muslim Turkey. What angers me the most about Trump is that with his fatal irresponsibility he has given this unprecedented and colossal gift to all those he has fought for four years. To everything that I detest.

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