“Is this the best Microsoft can do?

Although there are many who see the appearance of Xbox Series X and PS5 more of a joke than the design of a console, the truth is that Microsoft has been able to take advantage of the shape of its new machine for an original promotional campaign. And is that the company has created a Jenga game where the tiles make a life-size Xbox Series X, and is giving it away to different youtubers.

These games They include codes worth about $ 1,000 in their parts what they give Free access for a year to the gaming platform Xbox Game Pass so that content creators can sort them out among their subscribers, which is why this collaboration is delighting both influencers as his followers.

However, there are a youtuber which he seems not to have liked so much, because when he opened the package he was disappointed and enraged in front of the camera. This young Korean has a channel with more than 1.2 million subscribers whose name translates as Dad seungwoo. In it, he usually uploads videos of cooking and also playing games. World of warcraft on the computer, so it seems that you were not expecting to receive an Xbox gift at all.

Apparently from the look of the box, I was hoping it was a real Xbox Series X, but when he opened it he was disappointed. “It’s not April Fools’ Day! Are you kidding? Is this the best Microsoft can do?” He yelled and threw the Jenga on the ground. “Makes sense… I have never played Microsoft games. I’m not even a gamer really!“.

The truth is that Seungwoo didn’t even notice that the tokens had such valuable codes, he simply got angry and got rid of the gift. It is unknown if Xbox contacted him afterwards to explain that it was not a joke, but his video caused such a stir that criticism and criticism began to rain on him. he had to delete his publication and there is no trace of the video on his social networks.

Image of the channel 'Papa Suengwoo' opening the Jenga of Xbox.
Image of the channel ‘Papa Suengwoo’ opening the Jenga of Xbox.

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