Is Vegeta the best Dragon Ball character? His personality analysis argues this curious theory

The fearsome prince of the Saiyans, Vegeta, appears in the first arc of Dragon Ball Z. A villain from another planet threatens to destroy all life on Earth, with the simple intention of commercializing the world.

But first, he will be able to kill the warriors who stand in his way one by one. Battles are the gasoline that fuels his way of life; something that any purebred Saiyan has as a characteristic.

In the middle of this crusade that he undertakes with Nappa, he learns of the existence of the dragon balls. And although he continues with his intentions to kill whoever gets in his way, he changes his interests: now he also wants to obtain eternal life to get out of Freeza’s yoke, until then I love him.

The description of this character is undoubtedly someone the Z Fighters don’t want around. However, the prince of the Saiyans not only ends up being part of this family, but also marries an earthling and has a couple of children: now he is a protector of Earth, the galaxy and the entire Universe 7. There is no interests involved, even if it sounds crazy, he does it for love.

This radical change in his personality is what makes a theory that Vegeta is one of the best Dragon Ball characters. What happened? What changed in the prince of the Saiyans?

Vegeta and his evolution as a member of the Z Warriors

Based on a theory that publishes Alpha Beta Playwe are about to analyze the development of Vegeta as a character.

Certainly the prince of the Saiyans is one of the best characters. Without the slightest room for doubt, he is the one that registers the greatest evolution. It would be easy to say that the fact that he has two Earthling children and an Earth wife is enough for him to defend the planet.

And yes, that has a lot to do with it, but it’s not the whole thing. The Cell saga and the androids proves it to us. At that moment, he was only interested in overcoming the powers of a Super Saiyan and he didn’t care what happened to his baby Trunks and Bulma, something that surprised his time-traveling son.

But the death of ‘Future Trunks’ in Cell’s return was the first click in his way of seeing things; It was the first time that he showed feelings towards someone other than himself.

the saiyan pride

After that, events continued to occur in which Vegeta showed that he wanted the best for his family. The time he neutralized Trunks to fight Majin Buu and protect his son’s life or the moment he unleashed his fury against the God of Destruction because he hurt Bulma are the two clearest examples.

But the thing with Vegeta is that he doesn’t stop growing. Recently it has been shown to us that there were still some vestiges of this former prince of the Saiyans, with the obtaining of the Ultra Ego from him.

Then, Bardock’s old message came through a tracker that Monite kept, in the Granola arch, the survivor. The fact that Goku’s father protected a child and said that a Saiyan would rather die than run from a battle reminded him of the true meaning of pride in his race.

If we compare Vegeta with the rest of the characters, he is the only one who is constantly developing and growing as a person. Therefore, at least in these characteristics, he stands as one of the best Dragon Ball characters.

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