Is Vegeta the most powerful warrior in the anime?

Is Vegeta the strongest dragon ball warrior? At first we could discuss it, but there are several that exceed his power. However, some events that occurred in GT seem to place him a step above the rest, since the Saiyan prince was able to break reality.

This is an unprecedented situation in Dragon Ball so far, except for what Goku Black did in Dragon Ball Super. And yes, we know that GT is not part of the canon, but it is one of the series that is always in the consideration of fans and Toyotaro, thanks to what we have seen in recent manga events.

Why bring up the discussion about whether Vegeta could be the most powerful? In a review of Alpha Beta Play expose a moment from Dragon Ball GT in which Goku could have been completely wiped out.

During the fight against Baby, in which Goku achieves Super Saiyan 4, the villain makes a kind of Evil Spirit Bomb, which in English is called Revenge Death Ball.

The villain threw this ball of energy at Goku and fortunately it does not reach the little one with a tail, because he receives help from the Supreme Kaiosama. However, when it explodes, the energy caused a kind of black hole that sucked Kakarot into another dimension.

It broke reality. And although it was Baby who did it, let’s remember that he was using Vegeta’s body, since he individually was a weakling villain.

So, this situation combined with the recent Ultra Ego that appears in Dragon Ball Super show us the capabilities of Vegeta, who if he sets his mind to it could be practically an invincible fighter.