Isaac, outraged by Lola and Simone’s « breakup » in ‘The Island of Temptations’: « How can you use it? »

On the night of Monday, February 22, ‘The debate of temptations’ issued a new installment in which new images of what happened between Lola Mencía and Simone Coppola were shown before their definitive distance after their turbulent date. Among them were the blunt statements that Isaac Torres released to both, in which He was outraged by the attitude of the Leonese with the Italian, especially at the possibility that she chose to continue betting on her relationship Diego James Lover, despite everything she had seen of him.

Isaac talks with Lola and Simone after their « break » in ‘The island of temptations’

After Lola decided to open up with Coppola and mark distances before starring in a disastrous date, the Leonese decided to share it with her teammates Lucía Sánchez and Marina García, who was especially surprised by her partner’s decision. « He made me feel super special, unique, but what I have continued to know about him, that intensity he has when he tells me things … », explained Mencía, before which the Sevillian declared that « it is your life, your relationship. But you you know what your partner said yesterday « , referring to the criticism that Diego launched against her and that they could see at the stake. « He has repented anyway, » Lola bet, after which He shared the same impressions with Torres, at a party, before whom he acknowledged that « I have learned that my relationship was not going well. All of this is true, it has to change. But I feel that, at least, I have to try ».

« Imagine that everything is over today. Would you go out and try to fix it with Diego? », Questioned the bachelor, to whom Lola assured that she would « have a conversation » with her partner. « After what you’ve seen? » A puzzled Isaac insisted, then received a « yes » for an answer. « He’s disrespecting you in an incredible way, please, » Torres protested, after Lola admitted that « I don’t want Diego to see any more images. » « If you don’t feel like it, don’t be with Simone, but please don’t think about Diego. He’s stepping on you »asked the bachelor, who heard how Lola affirmed that « I am still in love with Diego. I have realized because I am super good and the night comes and I am crying ». Some statements that Isaac did not hesitate to comment alone with Marina. « My blood boils. I swear, I can’t stand that. The problem is, she has to love herself. Don’t screw me. »The tempter shared, after which he agreed with the Sevillian that Simone « it’s true, it’s very intense. »

« How can a disgusting person depend? »

« He can be jealous, possessive and whatever you want, but he’s a fucking motherfucker », defended Torres before Marina, when talking about Simone. « How can you be so dependent on a person who is disgusting? », Asked the bachelor then, about Lola, whom « understand her, I understand her, but I don’t respect her. » After his conversations with Lola and Marina, Isaac had the opportunity to chat with Simone, to whom he assured that, had he been in her place, he would not have had the date with Lola, since « it’s like he was laughing in my fucking face afterwards of all this time.  » « Do not stoop for anyone, » Torres asked the Italian, who assured that « I’m fine, she’s a little girl. » The Barcelona’s frustration with the situation even ended up unleashing his tears against Coppola. « How has the eggs to use it? », Criticized Torres. « Each person has what they deserve. If you want to be with a person like that, I’m happy for her, but Simone is not there, » defended his partner, trying to reassure him.

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