“It could be a really dark time”: Fauci’s screening for January

15 minutes. The main person in charge of the fight against the coronavirus in the United States (USA), Anthony Fauci, warned this Monday that, although the situation of the pandemic in the North American nation is now bad, in mid-January “could be a really time dark “.

“The middle of January can be a really dark time for us,” warned the epidemiologist, who focused on the fact that the displacements and social gatherings encouraged by the Christmas season will amplify the effect of cold weather on the possibility that citizens decide meet indoors.

“We were hoping that the effect of the Thanksgiving rally will probably be another week or week and a half from now. It’s generally two and a half weeks from the time of the event,” he detailed.

Fauci lamented that “the problem” is that this increase “will last until the beginning of Christmas.”

The US will experience “a wave (of infections) on a wave,” he said at a press conference, before asserting that before the authorities are ready to deal with it, people will already be traveling for vacations and there will be more family reunions and social.

“We would begin to see that things get really bad in mid-January,” he summarized, according to the television network. CNN.

Fauci recalled to continue with the measures to mitigate COVID

In this regard, he reminded Americans that they can mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

He asked citizens to take the same preventive measures they carry out when they meet strangers as they do with their families: wear a mask, wash their hands, practice social distance and meet outdoors or in well-ventilated places.

The US recorded the worst case data of the entire pandemic in recent weeks. Until this Monday, it counted more than 175,000 positives and 1,114 deaths, bringing the total to 14.75 million infections.

The fatalities from COVID-19 on US soil amount to 282,312.

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