“It could be from heart attacks, a huge traffic accident”

This Thursday the National Institute of Statistics (INE) released data on the causes of death during the first wave of the pandemic. The count rises to 45,648 deaths from coronavirus, all registered from March to May and that exceed 18,557 deaths computed by the Ministry of Health. However, until now, the Illa Department has always defended its data collection. In fact, in major, the director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón, assured that It was not possible to know what the increases in deaths were due to.

“We cannot say what these increases are due to” since before they have to “be associated with a cause,” he assured at a press conference in May, and gave several examples: “We do not know if they are due to a huge traffic accident, we do not know if they are due to an increase in mortality from heart attackWe do not know if they are due to an increase in mortality from coronavirus or from any other disease. ”

The epidemiologist stated at the time that it is unknown how much of this “general mortality” is “directly attributable to the coronavirus” and what part does not, pointed out that the delays of some patients in going to health services may also have had “an impact, even if it was less”, on the mortality associated with Covid, so that the data from the MoMo System and those from the ministry are “perfectly compatible.”

The report published by the INE this Thursday distinguishes that within the group of infectious diseases, the coronavirus appears as the most common cause of death, with 32,652 deaths with the “identified” virus and 13,032 with the “suspected” virus; In that period, Health had recorded 27,127 deaths.

Furthermore, the INE considers that these data are of the highest reliability, since they are obtained from the medical death certificates in which the cause of death is specified.

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