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Evaggelos Papadimitriou

14/Jan/21 20:44

Evaggelos Papadimitriou

Charles Jenkins referred to the few shots he gets per game, clarifying that it is not something that does not concern him.

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Olympiakos welcomes Villeurbanne (15/1, 21:30, Novasports 1) and Charles Jenkins referred to the difficulties of the match, while he also spoke about the course of the same.

Specifically, he stressed that he does not care at all if he scores or shoots, since you know what his job is and his role in the team, using a convincing example!

Jenkins: Fourth match with Olympiakos without a shot (videos)

Details of what the Olympiacos player said:

“It does not bother me if in a game I do not score or do not shoot at all. I know what my job is and my role in the team. A few days ago I was telling my girlfriend an example. A good restaurant can have a good chef, good cooks and waiters but it also needs those who work behind them. Those who wash the dishes for example. I like the role I have to play defense of the best regional opponent and thus get this pressure from Sloukas.

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In the locker room we are constantly discussing that we need to make a series of good results. We try to feel comfortable with each other, to be tied and to bring results. The match with Villeurbanne is difficult. They may have a few victories but they lost to Panathinaikos and they will come to play hard as always. “They have players with a lot of athletic qualifications and very good scorers in all positions.”

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