“It goes viral on TikTok and smokes a little even if I deny it”

Last summer Juan del Val and Nuria Roca celebrated the coming of age of their eldest son, Juan, a young man who was already talked about for his success on TikTok, where he accumulates thousands of followers. However, his father has decided to tell some more details about him, and has made it through your last post On Instagram.

The writer has published a tender family photograph in which he appears hugging his son for a walk, when he had not yet reached his long-awaited 18 years. “This is one of my favorite photos ever”, the scriptwriter also advances.

“That boy is now 18 years old, he studies Advertising, from time to time he goes viral on TikTok, he steals my t-shirts, smoke a little even if I deny it, He cooks very well and I am proud of him … “, read the following lines of the text, in which the screenwriter emphasizes that life” passes. “

In an interview for ECOOO Magazine, The presenter assured that both her son Juan and her brothers Olivia and Pau they waste creativity. The oldest has already shown it on his YouTube channel and on his Instagram and TikTok profiles.

In fact, in this latest social network, which is very fashionable among young people, it accumulates more than 30,000 followers. On the platform he publishes short, comic, parody excerpts or recreating memes, dances and songs with his friends and family. Thus, it is not surprising that Nuria Roca and Juan del Val are seen, from time to time, in your posts.

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