“It is possible that we exist in a simulation created by artificial intelligence”

Ever since ChatGPT went viral, many of us have been trying to have conversations on interesting topics with this AI-powered bot. It is very interesting what he can come to say or reveal, such as his theory that we exist in a simulation created, precisely, by artificial intelligence.

It is the OpenAI company, the same company behind AI programs such as DALL-E and confused by the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter, Elon Musk, that created ChatGPT, which is basically a text writing bot that is trending on the Internet. and social networks that can write philosophical dissertations, mathematical problems, discussions between people, among others.

It was the website of Today Crypto the one who had the shocking conversation with the AI, who told him about the simulation in which we supposedly live: “Our reality is simulated and controlled by a civilization more advanced than ours, which would have created this simulation for various purposes, such as experimentation or entertainment. According to this theory, everything we experience and perceive is false and created by this simulation.”

The AI ​​added that the theory has “some validity because it cannot be ruled out that we live in a simulation” and went on to talk about possible advanced civilizations: “If a sufficiently advanced civilization had the ability to create a simulation of reality, it is very likely which would create many simulations. In that case, the probability that we are living in a simulation would be greater than that of living in the true reality.

“Superior or Hypothetical” Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT also talked about the future of artificial intelligence: “In the near future, artificial intelligence will advance to such a point that it will be able to create more advanced versions of itself, known as ‘superior or hypothetical’ artificial intelligence.”

“As lAs become more advanced, they also have the ability to improve their own programming and design, which would allow them to create an improved version of themselves. This could lead to a kind of digital evolution, where the most advanced lAs continue to improve and create even more advanced versions of themselves, in an endless cycle.”

“In theory, this could lead to the creation of superintelligents that dwarf human intelligence in every way,” he said.