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Toni Freixa He is the last in the list of favorites to win the elections to the presidency of Barcelona and two weeks before the elections, the former manager of Barcelona has taken a step forward, promising an economic boom and cracks. The candidate to direct the club culé affirmed that in the season 2021-2022 “We will sign three cracks” and also announced that “We have closed an agreement with an investor who will contribute 250 million to Barça Coporate.” The fine print of this promise is that if the Culé club receives this foreign investment, it would have to become a sports corporation.

Money and transfers

«We have been working for a long time and we have closed an agreement with an investor who will contribute 250 million for the Barça Coporate, which are four lines of business in exchange for 49 percent. And in 21-22 we will incorporate three stars, two in attack and one in defense ».

Signed players?

«We have talked about them to be able to execute them, they would be for the 21-22 season. Barça will have the competitive team that it should have and that it doesn’t have now. Everything will be the result of work.

Mbappé and Haaland

“We have a maxim, we will never talk about players until we present them. It is a bad strategy because you serve other clubs that step on you in the negotiation. But it is absolutely possible. It’s what Barça should do. Incorporate differential players ».


«Messi has given us more than what Barça has given him. I have spoken with his surroundings, but not personally with him. The opportunity for it to continue is open. His contract has to be brought into line with the club. We have lowered the revenue by 350 million euros and the player is aware of this. I have never had the contract in hand.

Annoyed at Gasol?

I am not endangering anything. I only speculate on the possibility.

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