“It is the best evidence of water we have seen” Fayer Wayer

The POT it is getting closer to definitively assuring that Mars had water. The Curiosity rover discovered what was considered “the best evidence of water we’ve ever seen”: a beach.

According to a report published on the website of computer todayand as described by experts, it was found the clearest evidence to date of ancient water ripples that formed inside lakes on the red planet.

Waves on the surface of a shallow lake stirred up bottom sediments and, over time, created rippled textures in the rocks millions of years ago, which according to Ashwin Vasavada, Curiosity project scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in NASA in southern California, is the best evidence for the existence of water.

“This is the best evidence of water and waves that we have seen on the entire mission. After visiting and recording thousands of meters of lake deposits, we have never seen evidence like this and now we found it in a place that we expected to be dry”, explained the expert from the US space agency.

The Mount Sharp Mission

Since 2014, NASA’s Curiosity rover has been ascending Mount Sharp, a 5-kilometer-tall, layered mountain once crisscrossed by lakes and streams that would have provided a rich environment for presumed microbial life on Mars. .

As the rover ascends, it moves along a Martian timeline, allowing scientists to study how the red planet evolved from an Earth-like place to the space desert it is today.