“It was absurd to call me a denialist” of the Covid

The singer Andrea Bocelli was criticized months ago for regret the confinement of the pandemic, a few words that he believes taken out of context: “It was absurd to call me a denier“, he explains in a conversation on the occasion of the inauguration of the headquarters of his foundation in Florence (north).

“Maybe I I expressed in an inappropriate way or insufficient for reasons of time, because he wanted to say many things in a few minutes, it is not always easy “, acknowledges the Italian singer on the phone.

It all happened in July, at an event in the Senate on coronavirus and science. Before the attendees, among them the far-right Matteo Salvini, he said he felt “humiliated and offended” by the ban leaving home and confessed to disobeying her.

“It was absurd to define myself as a denier because in the first place I had passed through the covid, naturally, “he insists bluntly.

The 62-year-old tenor was perfectly aware of the existence of the pathogen, since everyone in his house except his wife Veronica Berti suffered from it, although he was asymptomatic and her children only had a few tenths of a fever without too much importance.

In addition, throughout this health crisis it has lent a hand with its foundation: “We have brought help and tried to do what we had to do in the hardest moment of the emergency, with the confinement (of spring). We got going, “he stresses.

Bocelli later clarified what he was trying to express but words fly and the controversy spread like wildfire, especially on the internet: “What was said on social networks and written was a terrible mistake,” he laments.

Especially because, he assures, he neither is nor knows any denier: “Denying the evidence is an intellectual accident, who denies evidence needs a psychologist “, ditch.

Inauguration of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation headquarters

In the past, the singer went this Friday to the capital of his native Tuscany to inaugurate the headquarters of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation (ABF), on the second floor of an impressive baroque building in the heart of the city that has been rescued from neglect and restored.

It will open its doors next Sunday, International Education Day, and will be the epicenter of a foundation that celebrates its first decade of life this year and that decided to create in 2011 after attend with horror the earthquake in Haiti a year earlier.

ABF is dedicated to help people with difficulties to live through disease, poverty or social marginalization, promoting and supporting national and international projects that allow them to overcome these barriers and exploit their full potential.

Since its birth it has built nine schools in Haiti and Italy thanks to 36 million euros, offering education to more than 3,500 students, and promoted projects to provide water and medicine to more than 400,000 disadvantaged people, among other projects.

The singer lives with “great satisfaction” the inauguration of the new headquarters in the San Firenze complex, behind the Palazzo Vecchio, seat of the Florentine town hall.

“It is a wonderful place, without a doubt it will be an inspiration for all those who for various reasons, for work or tourism, will arrive and we hope that many concrete projects will be born and carried out from this headquarters,” he says, as an omen.

Bocelli emphasizes that last word because he assures that in these years, the results of its foundation are tangible. Just think, for example, of the schools it gave to areas devastated by earthquakes in Italy, such as the music school in Camerino (center).

Having passed the ten-year history of its foundation, Bocelli does not dare to predict what the future will be like, but what he does hope is that this pandemic can be overcome “as quickly as possible”, that people “find serenity again , trust and its certainties. “

Well, he warns, at the moment “the situation is dramatic for many people” who “have had to close their businesses and lost their only source of income.”

“the situation is dramatic for many people”

Also your organization suffered some slowdown for technical and logistical reasons derived from the health crisis, but in any case the ongoing projects have been completed.

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