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Just a few weeks ago, Juan Muñoz harshly attacked José Mota, with whom he worked for many years, forming the comic duo Cruz y Raya. The comedian called the manchego « bad person », but now he has released a video through his Twitter account where he states that he deeply regrets his words « cruel and unfortunate » and publicly apologizes to Mota: « I would like to be able to look him in the face and ask for forgiveness, as he deserves. »

Muñoz has explained that he said those things because he was sorry for the death of his mother and had drunk too much alcohol: « I fell into the worst: drinking. Drinking two glasses, four more glasses ». It was at that moment when a journalist called him to offer his condolences and the comedian lashed out at Mota: « I flew into a rage and started saying nonsense that José doesn’t deserve at all. Neither José nor his family. I said things that I don’t feel them. » .

According to Muñoz, alcohol and the pain over the death of his mother was compounded by the fact that his ex-partner from Cruz y Raya had not attended the funeral or offered his condolences for his loss. « His wife sent me condolences through WhatsApp, but I was hoping he had come and given me a hug and that we could have continued our friendship « , has confessed the comedian, who has also explained that his relationship with Mota was not very good in recent times.

« I am really sorry »

Muñoz, who in those harsh statements even said that Mota had his heart « in the bank », has acknowledged that he said « barbarities » and « stupid » about the ‘Mask Singer’ investigator. The Catalan has asked « a thousand heartfelt apologies » to Mota, his family and his friends, for the damage he may have caused them. « José is a beautiful person, he has helped me a lot. I have shared many things with him and I think he is a great guy »Muñoz has said. « What I have done is unforgivable, so I want to publicly apologize, » the comedian concluded his video.

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