“It was the most complex edition, but the most anticipated” – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

‘Got Talent Spain’ returns to television in style with its sixth edition and many surprises. What will not change will be his master of ceremonies: Santi Millán, who will be in charge of captaining the new galas where Risto Mejide, Edurne, Dani Martínez and Paz Padilla are also kept. In the words of Manuel Villanueva, it has been « the most complex edition, but also the most anticipated ».

Paz Padilla, Dani Martínez, Edurne and Risto Mejide in ‘Got talent’

The format produced by Fremantle It will have 15 galas planned, which will begin on Friday, January 15, and that they will bring « new things that will surprise us », as Edurne affirms. Rubik’s cubes that are solved underwater, magic tricks, mentalists and a lot of music that is even capable of provoke tears in Paz Padilla or that they make Risto take off his hat.

On the other hand, Padilla has confirmed that his absence will last until the start of the semifinals. Grateful, she wanted to say that the bosses « decided not to occupy » their place. Next, the presenter of ‘Save me’ clarified that she considered joining at the beginning, but she needed to take some time: « I was very sensitive, but ‘Got talent’ made me want to live. Given this, the only thing I can do is emulate those people who get on stage and pursue their dreams. « 

In addition to memorable performances, this sixth edition will bring something that has not been seen at all until now: serious piques between Edurne and Risto. The singer wanted to take the issue down by stating that she has « a wonderful friendship with him » and has continued to sentence: « I’ve learned to tell you what doesn’t seem right to me« . Dani Martínez has concluded by discovering that in this edition, Mejide » has given Edurne a nickname: Edur-ñe-ñe-ñe. « By the way, the comedian has also shared with the press that he increasingly likes to » bite Mejide « .

Edurne, jury of ‘Got talent’

Recordings conditioned by the pandemic

After an emotional compilation video where we have been reminded of all the video during the pandemic, Telecinco has presented a fragment full of emotion, desire and strength composed of the best moments of this sixth season. So, in order to preserve the safety of the contestants and the team itself, it has been necessary rent two theaters (the Coliseum and the Lope de Vega in Madrid) for auditions.

Further, the amount of public present in the stalls has been reduced. However, Santi Millán has pointed out that « the shocking thing would be to see that space full of people, hugging and celebrating ». In the same way, everyone has appreciated the great work of the producer in an edition where « almost 300,000 people » have come to the casting.

The future of ‘Got talent’

The talent program has given Telecinco many joys during the editions that it has been broadcasting. For this reason, Paolo Vasile has desired « that the program be successfulFurthermore, it has been known that Only the preview of the first gala of ‘Got talent’ at Mitele Plus is on the table. In addition, Villanueva has communicated that « it will depend on the subscribers’ response » to continue with this strategy of advancing the broadcast on the group’s payment platform.

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