“It was worse than I would have liked” – Explica .co

The Castellón Sergio garcia, which debuted this Thursday at the Augusta Masters with four shots on par from the field, admitted that his debut was worse than expected and was especially critical of his use of the drive.

It was worse than I would have liked. It’s always nice to come back and be here again after failing it in November. It’s a shame not to have driven the ball better, but hey. They are things that happen ”, explained the Castellón after finishing his tour.

“I have not hit the drive as it should be done. This is not the Augusta of 20 years ago in which to hit him badly and there was a lot of room. You have to give it good because if not You complicate it a lot going to the greens. It has become quite a narrow field, although it may not seem like it and it demands a lot from you ”he continued.

I have not been as good as I would have liked from the tee and because of that my return has been complicated. There are times when things don’t go the way you want them to. Tomorrow we will go out, we will try to play our best and see if little by little we will get into the tournament. It’s the only thing I can do, ”Sergio García concluded.

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