The death toll in Italy with coronavirus reached 8,165 today, when 662 were registered in the last twenty-four hours, a figure lower than the previous two days.

However, the positive cases have grown again after four days of declines and are currently 62,013, after accounting for 4,492 in just one day, according to data offered this Thursday by Civil Protection.

The new rise in the number of daily infections is especially due to Lombardy, the most affected region, where in the last twenty-four hours they increased by more than 2,500.

Lombardy already accumulates 34,889 total infections and 4,861 deaths, followed by Emilia Romagna (10,816 total infections), Veneto (6,935) and Piedmont (6,534), the four regions in northern Italy.

Of the more than 62,000 positive patients, 3,612 are in intensive care units, while more than 33,500 are in home isolation and a total of 24,753 are hospitalized.

The increase in the number of new infections interrupted the downward trend of the last four days, which, according to the Deputy Director of Civil Protection of Italy, Agostino Miozzo, may be due to an “accumulation of evidence that has been done in recent days and have been accounted for today. “

“It is a hypothesis that we have to verify in the coming days, but there is one clear thing, this type of pandemic does not have a magic and immediate solution,” he stressed.

“The important thing is that the speed of the transmission curve seems to slow down,” he added.

The deputy deputy director of the World Health Organization (WHO), Ranieri Guerra, spoke in the same line, who pointed out that the restrictive measures imposed by the Government to keep people at home “seem to be working.”

“It is important not to let our guard down, to stop the curve, in the next few days we hope to have a sustained decrease in the series,” he said.

The deputy director of Civil Protection stressed that, until the virus is controlled, it is not advisable to lift the isolation measures because the contagion is very fast.

In this line, Guerra pointed out that one of the most exposed groups is the health professionals, for whom he asked that they be guaranteed masks, protective equipment and sufficient tests to check at all times if they are infected.

Experts and doctors from China, Cuba and Russia have come to Italy to help in this emergency and a team of health workers from Germany will soon join them, confirmed Civil Protection.

Italy needs doctors and nurses, Lombardy President Attilio Fontana said Thursday in a telematic appearance with international media in Rome.

In the last few hours, several Italian doctors have been temporarily transferred to hospitals in Bergamo and Brescia, in Lombardy, and in Piacenza, in Emilia Romagna, to support professionals who care for patients in these centers.



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