It’s good “Half Brothers” with Luis Gerardo Méndez


Mexican actor and producer explores family ties

The Mexican artist Luis Gerardo Méndez has broken the silence about his half-brothers and the stories that connected him with them seem like a soap opera or a movie.

Mendez, famous for series like “Club de Cuervos” on Netflix, Hollywood films like the 2019 version of “Charlie’s Angels,” opened his heart to Right Now about dramas, comedies and projects that grew out of his family situation.

An unexpected comedy

The conversation about half brothers emerged during an interview to discuss the film “Half Brothers,” which Méndez stars in and produced.

The film tells the story of a man who “after growing up away from his father, who left his family in Mexico to make a fortune in the United States, travels to his funeral and begins to share with his gringo half-brother,” revealed the artist from 38 years old, who said that the idea was born during a conversation with two producer friends.

“The siblings begin a journey together and it becomes an excuse to explore family relationships and the cultural and political differences between Mexico and the United States. Deep down, the two countries are like very different brothers, but finally brothers ”, the artist stressed.

Also in real life

Mendez revealed that making the movie “Half Brothers” also removed him from the inside as a human being. “I suddenly found out that I had a half sister on my father’s side when I was growing up. For years I ignored the situation and there was never an approach with it until I started working on this project, ”he said.

“The experience made me think about what I could be missing by not knowing her. By not talking to her and I contacted her, “he said.

“I am not going to say that we are now best friends, but we do have a relationship and it is something that has given me a lot of satisfaction. There is a bond between siblings, even those who have not grown up together, which is very special ”, underlined the artist.

A comedy with a heart

Right now he had the opportunity to see the movie “Half Brothers” before its premiere and to say that Luis Gerardo Méndez steals the show is little. The artist brings unexpected depth to a character who obviously wants to show the audience how sophisticated a Mexican can be.

However, the beloved actor is not the only good thing about the film, which hits theaters on December 4. The relationship between the siblings has a lot of heart, and the metaphor for how this projects the complicated border relationship is very well developed.

Between laughter and laughter – and it provokes many – “Half Brothers” is a great effort to show how Mexico and its neighbor to the North have a historic opportunity to reformulate their relationships.

Unfortunately, the film has a flaw, which does not detract from its humor or charm, but it detracts from it a bit: The development of the reasons why the father of the two brothers made so many mistakes in raising their children.

Still, it’s worth spending some time watching “Half Brothers.”

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