“It’s pretty good too”: Donald Trump presents a medal to a sportsman but ends up talking about the election by bragging

Donald Trump has not lost his determination to challenge the results of the presidential election. On the contrary, he is determined to continue claiming his victory against his rival Joe Biden, as he again let it be understood on Monday, December 7. While presenting a medal to Dan Gable, the 74-year-old president took the opportunity to praise his own merits. Looking back on the 117 consecutive fights won by the wrestling legend with a single defeat, the tenant of the White House felt that he himself had achieved some feats. “You know in politics, I won two, so I won 2-0, and it’s pretty good too. But we’ll see how it ends,” he said.

However, he did not fail to congratulate the 72-year-old athlete, whom he described as “GOAT” (“the greatest of all time”). “I’m bigger than you, do you think I can challenge you?” Asked the president sarcastically. To which Dan Gable responded, stepping into Trump’s game: “You don’t stand a chance.” If the medal ceremony took place in a very complimentary, even friendly, tone on the side of the tenant of the White House, the latter ended it suddenly, avoiding all questions from journalists. This abrupt way of cutting the event short left the wrestling legend somewhat unhinged, planted in the middle of the room with arms dangling, unsure of what to do. The footage was widely shared on social media.

The prospect for Donald Trump of succeeding in having the results of the presidential election invalidated is, however, getting further away every day. This Tuesday again, the Supreme Court inflicted a setback on the tenant of the White House by refusing to take up an appeal formulated by its allies to block the certification of the results.

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