it’s time for Chansey

Chansey is the latest Pokémon to arrive on Air Jordan 4 shoes in the concepts of Andrew Chiou. At the moment, it’s just a custom project. Will it go on sale eventually?

Let’s remember who Andrew Chiou is. Born in Taiwan, he serves as chief designer for Jordan Brand: but he’s also part of the legion of anime fans in general.

Dragon Ball, Pokémon, Sailor Moon and more, Chiou has paid tribute to all of them in his Air Jordan shoe concepts, posted on his Instagram account.

The Taiwanese already has more than 172 thousand followers.

Chansey, from Pokémon to Air Jordan ideas

The most recent idea of ​​an anime taken to slippers is that of Chansey. As the friends of Wiki Dex, the Pokémon encyclopedia, this is a Normal-type Pokémon introduced in the first generation.

From the fourth generation it evolves into Happyy.

Its name comes from the English word Chancy, lucky. It is a little monster to see and capture, with a kind character and who helps people with a good heart.

Although she walks slowly to care for her eggs, which have great healing properties, she develops extraordinary speed to flee.

This is Andrew Chiou’s Air Jordan 4 Chansey

In the case of Andrew Chiou’s Air Jordan 4 Chansey, the sneakers maintain different shades of pink, like the character from the Pokémon series.

The antechambers also present pink, as well as the Air Max bubble plastic. The brand’s characteristic Jumpman in pink is located on the tongue.

In the Instagram post, already with more than 13,300 likes, Andrew Chiou also joked with a cartoon of Chancey the Rapper, which illustrates the Pokémon character with the face of rapper Chance, a well-known meme in the field.

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