Ja Morant and Nike, what will happen to their bond after the scandal of the NBA star?

The last weeks in the NBA had as a protagonist, extra-sports, Ja Morant. His spectacularity on the courts has been overshadowed by his scandals outside of it. And Nike, although it has supported him, takes note of the matter.

Let’s remember what Ja Morant has done: beat up a 17-year-old boy and threatened him with a gun during a street game; displayed a gun in an Instagram feed, presumably from a strip club. The security image that emerged from the site does not favor the Grizzlies player much either.

The NBA initially suspended him for four games, but investigations continue.

Ja Morant offered his apologies and announced that he would submit to help, in addition to closing his Instagram account.

Commercially the effects began to be seen. One of the companies that began to move away from the player is Coca-Cola, according to Sports Illustrated. Ja Morant has a multi-year contract as a figure of Powerade, a refreshing drink from the North American company.

According to Sports Illustrated, Powerade has pulled its ads featuring Ja Morant. It is not yet clear if he broke the bond.

But what will happen to Nike?

Nike’s measures regarding the Ja Morant scandal

Initially, the swoosh company welcomed Ja Morant’s apology for the incidents.

“We appreciate Ja’s responsibility and that she is taking the time to get the help she needs. We support your prioritization of his well-being,” he stated, according to The Athletic.

The Grizzlies guard signed a contract with Nike in 2019 for $12 million per year. The concern is that his custom signature Nike Ja 1 is scheduled to launch this year in the Midnight 12 AM colorway at $400.

It is enough to wait as the days go by to find out if the scandal increases or if, on the contrary, its volume decreases. But the swoosh company remains attentive to what may happen around its star, Ja Morant.