Jealous husband kills his wife with 80 stabs; he thought he had a lover

Tamer Moustafa, 40, killed his wife Nelly, 43, after she threatened to leave him; then claimed to have a mental disorder to avoid responsibilities

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United Kingdom.- A jealous husband who murdered his wife After wrongfully accusing her of having an affair before stabbing her next door neighbor to death, he has been imprisoned for life.

The property developer Tamer moustafa, 40, was enraged by cocaine before murdering Nelly, a 43-year-old mother of four, when she threatened to leave him.

Then he went next door and killed his 52-year-old neighbor, Zahida Bi, who was the wife of the supposed new lover of Nelly.

The cheating accusations were completely unfounded before the brutal double stabbing that took place on March 16 this year, a court heard. Both women had been stabbed more than 80 times.

Moustafa had sent his two oldest sons to work and brought the two youngest to school before returning to their marital home in Moseley, Birmingham, on March 16.

Just after 11 a.m., he called the emergency services and said that he had killed his wife « because she was screwed up, » then she went out to wait for the police and lit a cigarette.

The man believed that his wife had an affair

In the next few minutes, he went to the next door and stabbed the wife of the man she mistakenly believed her wife he was having an affair.

Police and paramedics discovered Ms. Moustafa with multiple stab wounds on the property and she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Ms. Bi was found next door in a pool of blood and was rushed to the hospital where she died from her injuries.

He claimed he had a mental disorder

Moustafa was charged with both murders and claimed during his trial that he suffered from a delusional disorder.

But a jury did not accept his murder plea on grounds of diminished responsibility and he was found guilty of both murders.

Ibrahim Moustafa, the son of assassin, he told the court that his mother, « was the reason we smiled after a long day. »

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