Jeff Bezos says he will take the first woman to the moon with Blue Origin

Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ space company is committed to taking the first woman in history to the Moon.

Jeff Bezos has apparently reacted after China make history by becoming the second nation to plant its flag on the Moon.

A long time ago when China announced that it would be the next nation to reach that star, many of us take it with skepticism.

However, despite the global pandemic, the race for space exploration continued and the historic mission was carried out.

Now, the space company of the creator of Amazon, Blue Origin, has an equally or even more important project: taking the first woman to the Moon.

A small step for the (Chinese) man, another great leap for humanity and the woman follows

Theorists and analysts on the gender discourse will have tons of material to comment on. And is that the own Jeff Bezos made the announcement of his plan through his official Instagram account.

In the publication released by the entire executive explains the operation of the engine BE-7 that develops Blue origin And incidentally mentions that it will be that creation that will take the woman to the Moon:

The BE-7 will power the HLS lunar lander of the Blue Origin national team. In that mission, even without a specific date, part of the lunar crew would be a woman.

Blue Origin, as well as SpaceX and Dyneticsson work with NASA in the development of the Artemis project, focused on missions to the Moon.

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