Jeff Staple x Puma Suede Create from Light, at the forefront of art in 2023

The collaborations of Jeff Staple, one of the greatest promoters of streetwear in the United States, with Puma, are constant. The most recent is the Jeff Staple x Puma Create from Light, available from the end of February.

With the symbol of the New York City dove as his insignia, Staple (born Jeff Ng) founded his brand in the 90s. He collaborated with Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Reebok and Puma: it is one of the most coveted.

His fame began with the Nike Dunk SB NYC Pigeon, the rarest Nike shoe to date, according to G.Q. In February 2005, this city dove gray model became the latest release in the City Pack, selling in a limited edition of 150 pairs for five selected stores.

New Yorkers crowded into stores, including Staple’s, forming a riot difficult for police to stop. There were arrests and people beaten by the situation.

Nike Dunk SB NYC Pigeon

And everything was maximized even more when the New York Times published an article about the Nike Dunk SB NYC Pigeon. The original shoes cost 300 dollars: they began to be resold for more than a thousand.

This is the Jeff Staple x Puma Suede Create from Light

Jeff Staple x Puma Suede Create from Light

Since then, the big companies began to line up in front of Jeff Staple’s store, multiplying the collaborations. Most recently, producing the Jeff Staple x Puma Suede Create from Light.

These sneakers feature panels of various colours, alternating in a way that reflects the change between day and night, dusk and dawn. It has purple, pink, orange, dark blue and black accents.

The model is completed by Jeff Staple’s characteristic dove, with evocative elements of Yin and Yang.

The collection also includes a hoodie and a t-shirt with the Puma logo, the Staple dove and the slogan Create from Chaos.