Jennifer López celebrates that her children are already teenagers: How old are they?

Jennifer López's children Max and Emme, how old are they?


Jennifer López’s children: Max and Emme, are turning 13

Jennifer López is not changed by anyone of emotion. The actress and singer celebrated this February 22 as one of the most important dates of her life, as her two children, twins Max and Emme, turned 13 years old.

This was announced by the interpreter of “The ring”, after using her Instagram account to share a beautiful birthday message to her two children.

Jennifer López not only showed her joy and excitement to see that her children are celebrating another year of life, but she also shouted that this birthday has an even more special meaning: her babies have grown up, and they are officially teenagers.

“My beautiful babies are teenagers today! OMG!! I can’t believe 13 years have passed since I carried them home in my arms, in the middle of a snowstorm. Two perfect coconuts came out of that blizzard that reorganized my life and taught me the true meaning of love ”, was the beginning of the message with which the happy mother honored her children on their date.

The Diva from The Bronx did not stop praising her children, and declared herself the happiest mother in the world, having the beautiful experience of sharing her life with Max and Emme.

“It has been the most magical trip, full of adventure and joy since then… I am feeling so many emotions this morning… so excited today… so proud and happy, and with a broken heart that I cannot feel the time”, said Alex’s fiancee Rodriguez.

“To my two loving, sensitive and special souls … who I know will change and reorganize the world in a unique way … your mother loves you beyond eternity … and forever and ever .. # 13 # felizcuirthday #love #happiness #maxandlulu” , concluded Jennifer López

The singer showed in her birthday publication in tribute to her children, that she surprised them very early with a delicious breakfast that she took them to bed and with a letter for each of them, which the adolescents read with great attention, while their mother, still in pajamas, she looked at them full of emotion.

Later, Jennifer López continued with the tribute, and posted another video on her Instagram, where she shared several moments in the lives of her two children, with images of her childhood days and other current ones, and sang a song that she claimed to have composed 13 years ago, for your children.

“I wrote this song ‘One Step at a Time’ when the twins were six weeks old… Max was already trying to snuggle up and get out of his chair… I was like ‘where are you going little one? Where are you running to? All I could think of was that, before I knew they would be running, and I was already going really fast and I wanted everything to slow down! Hahaha. And the next thing I knew… boom… 13 years ”, commented J.Lo in his social network.

The so-called “Coconuts” celebration videos, as JLo tells her children, soon achieved more than 4 million views.

“They are my coconuts, that nickname came from when they were little and they were in their cribs and their hair began to grow, they looked like coconuts, they both look like coconuts”, revealed the singer several years ago, referring to the little word she uses to call your children.

Max and Emme came to the world on February 22, 2008, when the singer was still married to salsa singer Marc Anthony.

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