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Jennifer Lopez’s revealing dress surprises everyone | AP

Singer Jennifer Lopez She is known for having an enviable figure and above all showing her off in her own way, on several occasions we have seen her delight the pupil with her constantly revealing outfits, however there is one that has most surprised everyone.

It is not news that Jennifer Lopez also known as JLo or Jenny from the block and also the Diva from the Bronx delights the pupil of her fans with tremendous outfits in which her greatest charms often stand out, we are talking about the later ones.

As the years go by Jennifer Lopez It has only improved of course that it is inevitable that the effects of time in any man or woman tend to be noticed, even if we use beauty items to postpone the passage of time, it does not forgive and ends up showing itself.

Despite this, not because the years go by in the case of celebrities they will let it come in a surprise way, they prepare for the moment by taking care of their skin and their figure as in the case of some stars: Jennifer Lopez, Maribel Guardia, Kris Jenner , among other.

Of course, the Diva from the Bronx has managed to take the passage of time a bit for her figure and her face looking many years younger than she is today, in her publication of last 2018 when she was 49 years old, she shared on her account Instagram official a photograph in which she appears wearing a kind of dress and cape in emerald green, it could not be said that it is actually, because it has a neck but up there, which is quite similar to a cape, but at the Seeing the image where she’s not wearing anything else just covers her charms.


In the event that the garment of Jennifer Lopez If it is a dress, you would not have to wear a garment under it to be able to show off your figure as you are doing in the image, which has a background with some patterns that attract a lot of attention so that the Diva of the Bronx looks like a painting a bit in the style of art nouveau.

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In addition to being a successful singer, JLo decided to venture into other areas of entertainment, among them she also became an excellent actress and a great entrepreneur, the film that launched her to fame in Hollywood was the one she starred in in 1997 two years after the queen of Tex Mex was taken away, made the biopic of Selena Quintanilla

It seems that in everything that is proposed to highlight the singer Jennifer Lopez tends to achieve it more than anything, surprising everyone, her presentations are among the most acclaimed and not only in the United States but around the world, there is no doubt that despite Over the years he keeps his energy intact, on the contrary, he raises the quality of his presentations even more.

The Internet is infested with images and videos of Jennifer LopezHowever, it should be noted that it was thanks to her that Google decided to create a search engine, you may remember her iconic green Versace dress with which she posed for a red carpet in 2000, the success of the mentioned dress was such that thanks to her the searches that today we know as something normal at that time were created in his honor.

JLo is a great personality not only in music but also in entertainment and social networks, we hope that he will continue to show us his figure and talent for many years to come.

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