Jessicatalystic makes the most perfect and tender cosplay of Bulma

Wealthy from her family’s company, Capsule Corp, Dr. Bulma is a genius scientist who is admired for her intelligence and for portraying women in the manga-anime of dragonball. And being the female lead, many fans have wanted to dress up as her.

She is the daughter of Dr. Brief and a great friend of Goku, with whom she begins the search for the Dragon Balls. In addition, Bulma is, together with the Saiyan Warrior, the longest-running character in the entire series created by Akira Toriyama.

Bulma is the mother of Trunks, one of the most acclaimed Dragon Ball fighters by fans and who came into the world thanks to the relationship between the scientist and Vegeta. She is a scientist, wife, mother and warrior, an ideal character admired by anime fans.

The popularity of this character has inspired thousands of fans to want to make their own Bulma cosplay at conventions, parties and different types of events, but also to make content on social networks.

The most perfect and tender cosplay of Bulma

According to a report published on the website of E Games Newsthe cosplayer jessicatalysticwith almost 200 thousand followers on Instagram, made the most perfect and tender cosplay of Bulma.

“Bulma cosplay”, wrote the also tiktoker, who saw how her followers gave her publication thousands of likes, with hundreds of comments and praise.

As we can see, it is an identical and perfect cosplay of Vegeta’s wife. The model wears the same and characteristic blue in her hair, Bulma’s pink shirt with her name on the chest area, the purple scarf around her neck, the small bags on her belt and even the bow on her chest. her head. She is a 10.