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As the US Congress discusses the $ 1.9 trillion aid package for those affected by the pandemic, President Joe Biden signs emergency decrees to provide financial aid to millions of Americans. In this way, it seeks to increase food aid and protect the unemployed.

That Biden executive order would return to unions the bargaining rights that were overridden by the Trump administration, protect the civilian employment system and promote a minimum wage of $ 15 an hour for federal public employees.

Steps taken by President Joe Biden seek to increase food aid and protect the unemployed. Photo: AP.

The president wants to start a 100-day process for contractors to pay the minimum of $ 15 an hour and give their workers paid emergency leave. In this way it puts pressure on the private sector to raise salaries and benefits.

Brian Deese, director of the White House Economic Council, expressed the urgency with which steps must be taken to provide assistance. He said the decrees do not replace the necessary stimulus of 4 trillion dollars of aid that were already approved, in addition to 900,000 million in December. Republican lawmakers oppose some of these provisions.

Although most economists believe that the United States can recover from its current economic situation, it is complicated by the closure of businesses that the pandemic has forced. Since February 2020, almost 10 million jobs have been lost and almost 30 million families have difficulties obtaining their food.

An order signed by Biden is a request to the Department of Agriculture to study whether food aid standards can be adjusted, in order to give more money to the hungry.

It is planned to increase food aid to children by 15% and emergency benefits could be provided to lower-income families could. This under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

In addition, the order seeks to make it easier for Americans to collect direct payments for assistance programs and other prior benefits. It would also ensure that workers continue to collect unemployment benefit by refusing to work in places that endanger their health.

The White House has refused to talk about deadlines to approve its rescue package, only clarifying that they will meet with legislators to discuss the proposal.

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