Joe Biden ready to issue sanctions against Russia for cyber espionage

Updated Thursday, April 15, 2021 – 12:47

The sanctions will punish, among other issues, Moscow’s interference in the 2020 presidential elections

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The administration headed by Democrat Joe Biden is set to issue a wide range of sanctions against Russia on Thursday in retaliation for its recent forays into US issues through cyber espionage.

According to CBS, the sanctions will punish, among other things, Moscow’s interference in the 2020 presidential elections. The sanctions could affect more than 30 Russian entities and include the expulsion of at least 10 people from that country from the United States. , including intelligence and diplomatic officials, according to sources consulted by the chain.

The Biden Administration is also expected to issue an executive order prohibiting US financial institutions from buying ruble bonds starting in June 2021. In a call with President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, President Biden told the Russian leader that the United States “act firmly” in defense of its national interests. The US Administration is also expected to address published reports accusing Russia of encouraging Taliban fighters to wound or kill coalition forces in Afghanistan.

According to an unclassified US intelligence report, Putin Authorized Influence Campaigns Aimed To Damage President Biden’s Candidacy during the 2020 elections and boost former President Donald Trump, says CBS. “A key element of Moscow’s strategy in this election cycle was the use of representatives linked to Russian intelligence to push narratives of influence, including misleading or unfounded accusations against President Biden,” according to a declassified report released by the Office of the Director. of National Intelligence.

Last year, cybersecurity researchers identified a software hack called SolarWinds, an intrusion that gave cybercriminals access to 18,000 government and private computer networks. US intelligence has identified hackers in Russia as responsible for the attack, who gained access to digital files from various US government agencies, including the Treasury, Justice and State Departments.

In the telephone conversation on Tuesday, Biden demanded his Russian counterpart to “lower tensions” with Ukraine and expressed his “concern” about the Russian military mobilization on the border with that country. During the conversation, Biden also proposed to Putin to hold “a summit in a third country” sometime in the “next few months,” to “discuss all the issues facing the United States and Russia.”

The call was the second between the two to be made public since Biden came to power in January, and it came after Russia announced it had dispatched troops and three airborne units to its western borders.

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