Joe Biden’s inauguration: concerns revived over the security of the ceremony – .

The Pentagon has given the green light for the deployment of 15,000 troops to Washington for the Joe Biden swearing-in ceremony on January 20.

Warning against further violence

The time has come for concern as the uncertain departure of Donald Trump from the White House approaches. Fears mainly concern the security of the inauguration ceremony of the new US president Joe biden January 20 in Washington. Indeed, the acting Minister of Homeland Security of the United States, Chad Wolf, tendered his resignation five days after the violent intrusion of supporters of Donald Trump on Capitol Hill. Around him, local officials and the police warn against further violence. According to an internal document from the US Federal Police (FBI), armed supporters of the Republican president could be in the ranks of protests in all 50 US states between this weekend and January 20.

Military mobilization in Washington

The Pentagon, criticized for having delayed mobilizing the National Guard during the January 6 violence in Washington, has taken the lead. Up to 15,000 soldiers will therefore be deployed in the American capital for the inauguration ceremony of Joe biden, report Franceinfo. These soldiers will add to the 6,200 already present there. They will be 10,000 as of this weekend and 5,000 additional troops can be sent to the scene on January 20. For his part, the mayor of Washington, Muriel Bowser, claims to have requested the extension of the special security period related to the nomination. In the process, she asked for the declaration of a state of emergency in the federal capital so that additional funds are released for security.

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