Joel Embiid’s MVP Claim (9th Week Panorama) – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines


22 / Feb / 21 09:34 22 / Feb / 21 09:34 February 22, 2021

Arma Kaynar

22 / Feb / 21 09:34

Arma Kaynar

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One of the most important events of the week we left behind in the NBA was undoubtedly the announcement of the top five players in the All-Star match at the end of the public vote. Bradley Beal, who was not selected for the All-Star last year, was selected to the top five of the All-Star match, while Joel Embiid continued his magnificent performance. The recent bad offensive performance of the last champion Los Angeles Lakers, also with the effect of injuries, is among the topics we will touch on this week.

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