Joel’s drama for not being able to drink a good coffee comes to the series

Nothing better than starting the day with a good cup of good coffee, especially if we have a long day of studies, work or facing an apocalypse caused by a bacterial fungus that turns people into horrible zombies, as happens to Joel Miller in The Last of Us.

Players of the Naughty Dog title probably remember a few references to Joel craving coffee, something that has made its way to the live-action HBO Max series. Be careful, because the following lines will have spoilers for the fourth episode, nothing serious.

In ‘Please Hold to My Hand’, the fourth chapter of the adaptation, Ellie wakes up in the morning after sleeping in the middle of the forest. Getting up, she finds a kettle that is boiling in which Joel is preparing a coffee that does not seem very provocative to her, who opens the lid and feels her displeasure.

On their way in his truck, Joel continues to drink coffee from the thermos and Ellie can’t resist asking him: “Is that what they sold at the Starbucks in the quarantine zone?” Joel tells him that the one from Starbucks “was fresher” than the one they got from Bill’s house.

To get an idea of ​​the quality of the coffee, Ellie said that it “smells like burnt crap”. Let’s not blame Joel, that getting coffee in good condition after 20 years of apocalypse is not an easy thing.

A trailer for the fourth episode of The Last of Us advances the scene, although the chapter is already available on HBO Max.

Comparison with the video game

In a report published on the website of extra lifethe medium recalls a video game reference that compares Joel’s desire to drink coffee, whatever its flavor.

In Pittsburgh, it is possible to trigger an optional dialogue with Joel in a flooded hotel, where looters are located. A video shared by Melen’s YouTube channel shows the scene, in which at minute 1:06:33 Joel shows that he craves a good coffee.

The fifth episode of The Last of Us, for this week only, will premiere on Friday, February 10, since Sunday the 12th is Super Bowl LVII, the title game of professional American football in the United States. Then, the following chapters will be released again on Sundays.