Jonathan Van-Tam, the expert who charms the English and tames the coronavirus

He has become the darling of the kingdom: Jonathan Van-Tam, deputy chief doctor for England, has charmed his compatriots with his direct style and his metaphors on the epidemic of the new coronavirus, over the briefings of the government. Boris Johnson is now using his popularity to spearhead the vaccination campaign that will begin in the country this week, and convince skeptics to take part, after the authorization given last Wednesday to the vaccine from BioNTech / Pfizer.

In the panels of experts who regularly participate in Downing Street briefings on the pandemic, “JVT”, as ministers call it in public, takes down the pompom.

Forgotten, Professor Neil Ferguson, released in May for breaking the rules of confinement to visit his mistress, overwhelmed Chris Whitty, chief medical officer for England, or Patrick Vallance, scientific adviser to the government, and their dry sobriety : Jonathan Van-Tam, 56, is now the darling of the media and the public.

The BBC Radio Four made a “best of” of its metaphors on Thursday morning, which it spins during Downing Street briefings to make the new coronavirus less terrifying, sometimes at the cost of mocking comments on social networks.

“The train has now safely slowed down, it has stopped at the station and the doors have opened. We have to get people on this train and get them to their destination safe and sound.“, he said Wednesday. Translation: now that the vaccine is authorized, everyone must be vaccinated. A daring image in a country with a failing rail network. Jonathan Van-Tam does not hesitate to pass messages on either. during his briefings: Wednesday’s was an ode to diversity. Recalling his Asian origins, he praised the methods of combating the pandemic in Japan, before stressing that the leaders of the German laboratory BioNTech which had developed the vaccine, Ugur Sahin and his wife Özlem Türeci, are of Turkish origin, and JVT also knows how to express his emotions, giving his character an empathetic character that his peers are sometimes lacking.

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