Jorge Javier Vázquez sentences Efrén Reyero for his sudden break with Marta López

Jorge Javier Vázquez shared this Monday in Save me your opinion about Efrén Reyero, new contestant of The strong house and ex-partner of Marta López, who a few hours before, in It’s already noon, She claimed to feel “busted” by their breakup.

The presenter joined those who criticize the model for considering that took advantage of the gathering to find a place in the world of reality, a goal achieved after confirming your participation inThe strong house.

So much so that the driver of Save me stated that the extronist of Women and men and vice versa is a “morning sing”. “Yesterday he took out his leg,” he also expressed about his arrival at reality of Telecinco.

For her part, Belén Esteban appreciated that the break between Reyero and López, which the model announced on her arrival in The strong house, it was not so bad, well “Marta already knew.”

In It’s already noon, López, who already hit the ground running this year in his past relationship with Alfonso Merlos, said he was confident of returning with Reyero: “I thought it could be solved and the next thing I come across is this. ”

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