Jos Luis Jimnez, aerosol transmission expert: “On January 25 we will have a lot of deaths”

News The expert advises not to meet with non-living relatives

Christmas will be different this 2020

With the Christmas around the corner there are many who wonder what is the most suitable. Family dinners? Stay each at home? The Ministry of Health has not yet revealed what measures will be taken for these dates so marked, but some experts are clear what should be done.

This is how he explained it Jos Luis Jimnez, specialist in aerosol transmission, in an interview in Sanity: “If we have good meetings on December 25, on January 25 we have a lot of dead, the collapsed hospitals and a yoy of confinements “.

“They confine us, they lower the cases, we relax, they raise the cases again and we return to the confinements. This is extraordinarily destructive to the health and viability of the country“said the professor at the University of Colorado.

The specialist advises not to meet with family members who are not living together or travel during the holidays. “Especially not meet with grandparents, but do it online or go out for a walk with them those days and then make dinner each at home“.