José María García, upon seeing what happened between a politician and Felipe VI: “But who the hell is it …?”

José María García (Photo: GTRES)

José María García (Photo: GTRES)

José María García has starred in one of the most famous moments of the afternoon in Writing, Telemadrid evening program that presents Adela González.

The mythical radio host has already started the interview a little upset and criticizing the television space for broadcasting some of the expletives that they have dedicated to King Felipe VI upon his arrival at the events for the 40th anniversary of the failed coup d’état on February 23 1981.

Garcia has analyzed for Writing the event presided over by the monarch and that has left several of the most commented moments: the gesture of Pablo Iglesias when the king has finished his speech and the alleged rudeness of Pablo Echenique to Felipe VI in the kissing hand.

The journalist has spoken very vehemently about this: “To those of us who are hurt by Spain, those of us who want a united Spain, a Spain that goes up and we have a second vice president who today absolutely ignores his Majesty.”

And he wondered: “What has Felipe VI done? He is complying to the letter. Look how painful it is for a king to forget his father ”. Regarding Echenique’s moment with the king, García couldn’t be more forceful: “But who the hell is Echenique to pass or stop passing?”

It is not the first time that García speaks of the political representatives of Podemos. A few weeks ago, in an interview with The Spanish, the journalist assured that Pablo Iglesias had “disappointed” him.

“It has disappointed me. Horrible, too bad. In the debates he proved to be the best politician and the most prepared. But they lose their radical ideas. And when you are vice president, you have to know why and what you are there for. A vice …

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