Josep and Candela, both doctors, the two great supporters of Julia Otero in her fight against cancer

The journalist Julia Otero, director and presenter of the program Julia on the wave Onda Cero, announced this Monday that he suffers from cancer, which is why he had not conducted his space during the last week, and explained that he will remain for a while away from microphones for cancer treatment.

The presenter was optimistic about the treatment and the future that awaits her and, why not, because she knows that she does not face this pothole that life has put her alone.

His partner, Josep Martínez, and his daughter, Candela, are the two fundamental pillars of his life and, surely now too, they will be your great support during the illness. What’s more, both are dedicated to medicine.

Josep, who has been with the journalist for more than two decades, works as Head of Home Emergencies at the Barcelona Hospital and is a member of the Board of Directors of the medical insurance company Assistència Sanitària.

For her part, the young Candela, 23, followed in the footsteps of her father and studied Medicine at the International University of Catalonia and wants to specialize in neurosurgery. In addition, as revealed by the presenter herself a few months ago, her daughter finished her studies “with Honors.”

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