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“Joss Whedon’s Justice League sucks”

6.3 / 10 in IMDb, 40% in Rotten tomatoes, 45/100 in Metacritic. The Justice League, the first great crossover The DC Extended Universe was a real failure. And everything seems to indicate that much of the fault is Joss Whedon. We didn’t like it either.

A few days after the premiere of Snyder cut, the version of the film as to Zack snyder would have liked, more and more unpleasant details come out of Joss Whedon.

Remember, Snyder had to leave directing the film untimely because of a personal tragedy. Whedon replaced him, but not before changing the script. He also removed a good number of scenes, cut stories from some characters — particularly those representing minorities or women — and ordered the recording of new scenes.

Total, 75% of the feature film changed and the creative vision of Zack snyder it was practically eliminated. The result was a film that critics destroyed and deeply disappointed the audience.

Warner Bros: “Joss Whedon’s Justice League sucks”

Not just the critics or the audience. It seems that the studio didn’t like the end result either. At least it is the opinion of one of the senior managers of Warner Bros, who answered an interview to Vanity fair on condition of anonymity.

When we saw what Joss did, we were completely dumbfounded. The robber on the roof, so sloppy and hideous. The Russian family, useless and meaningless. We all knew it. It was so awkward because no one will want to admit that The Justice League Joss Whedon sucks

Fortunately we will have the original vision of Zack Snyder in a wild four-hour version that will be released on March 18, not only available in the United States, but also in Spain and Latin America.

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