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Juan José Origel is giving something to talk about on social networks after he uploaded an image to his Twitter where he is seen receiving the vaccine against Covid-19 for which he has received several comments from Internet users.

The 73-year-old television host in his message showed that he had to travel to the United States to receive the injection against the coronavirus that keeps the world in a health emergency, since here in Mexico he was not given such a shot.

It should be remembered that the National Vaccination Plan of the Ministry of Health indicates that the first to receive the dose would be all health personnel who fight from hospitals, day after day and on the front line, this disease; in a second stage older adults are covered.

However, Pepillo could not wait any longer and went to the neighboring country to the north to get the vaccine.

A few weeks ago, Juan José Origel revealed that Vicente, Alejandro and Gerardo Fernández had already received the vaccine against the virus, which led to criticism of the singers.

This time it was the same, since after its publication some people questioned his action that they considered illegal for having taken that opportunity away from someone living in the United States.

“And why do you come to the United States to take the vaccine from someone who does live here and pays taxes …?”; “How did you do it? You need to be a resident “:” Those who have money go anywhere and those who do not stay to wait their turn, And if your country did not give you your security then do not return to it and stay in the USA, people like you do not need Mexico”; “At the end of the month it is the turn of the senior citizens. Couldn’t you wait a few days? ”, Among others.

But there were also people who supported their action by not waiting their turn to get vaccinated in Mexico.

“Very well, if I were you, I would do the same. Let the resentful fucking bark “; “If I could get the vaccine in the USA, I would have done it too”; “Everyone criticizes it, but if we could all do the same, we would do it, don’t get hung up on it … and more so because we don’t see here until the good vaccines arrive and not the Chinese and Russian ones,” among others.

Juan José Origel on his social networks celebrated 25 years of Ventaneando last Friday, a program of which he was part in its beginnings with Pati Chapoy, Pedro Sola, Daniel Bisogno, among others, and uploaded images from that time.

By: El Universal

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